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Isabel Mijares

20 & 21 November 2017

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Isabel Mijares

Nov 2017

Trying to summarize Isabel Mijares García-Pelayo’s (Mérida, 1942) professional life is an impossible task. However, there is a sentence that defines her: pioneer in the incorporation of women into the world of wine in Spain and in addition to: a tireless worker in the diffusion and improvement of the wine reputation as a close element to men and their culture. 

Living in an isolated region, Extremadura, closer to the masterful black and white pictures of W. Eugene Smith than to the XXI century; she studies Education ─something very common for women in that period─ and then goes to Madrid to study Chemical Sciences. Thanks to a scholarship granted by French Government, pursues a bachelor’s degree in Oenology and Ampelography in Bordeaux; she obtains a diploma in Sensorial Analysis and afterwards she also obtains a Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies (D.E.A.) in Oenology. 

In Bordeaux, she got the opportunity of collaborating with the great Emile Peynaud on the advice of grand crus and she agreed to translate the classic “Le Goût du vin into Spanish, together with the journalist Gonzalo Sol. Sent by Peynaud, in 1972, she returns to Spain in order to work at Palacio de Arlanza wineries. And, from then on, she doesn’t stop: she created the LACESA laboratories for analysis and oenological control, the TEAM (a team for counseling of wineries and undertakes frantic activities participating in any national or international forum where requested. Her latest contribution is the recently published book: “El mágico camino de la cepa a la copa”. 

Among other positions, she was the General Secretary of the International Union of Oenologists based in Paris. However, she considers the work that she carried out at UINDO (United Industrial Nations Development Organization) to be the most important; UINDO is an organization dependent on the United Nations for the Industrial Development in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Albania and Moldavia, and after also in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Mexico. 

With pride and humor, she states “There I made coupages out of nothing”. Well, this “Dame of Wine” will share her wisdom and experience at “The Art of Blending wine”. 

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