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The Art of Blending Wine

26th & 27th November 2018

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South America within the world of wine: Has its time come?

Oct 2018
We have always thought from a European point of view that we are the “center” of the world of wine. Evidently, the three major producing…

“When the whole is better than the sum of its parts” Ed Adams MW 

Sep 2018
I believe this sentence sums up the spirit and the objective of The Art of Blending Wine and that’s why we have chosen it as slogan for the 2nd Art…

Isabel Mijares

Nov 2017
Trying to summarize Isabel Mijares García-Pelayo’s (Mérida, 1942) professional life is an impossible task. However, there is a sentence that defines her: pioneer in the incorporation of women into the world of wine in Spain and in addition to: a tireless worker in the diffusion and improvement of…

Michel Rolland 

Oct 2017
It is very difficult to write about Michel Rolland (Libourne, 1947), the influential oenologist, highly respected and, therefore: controversial. Owner of several properties in Bordeaux…

Rosé wines are back 

Oct 2017
The case of rosé wine deserves an in depth analysis. In the past, it was once a by-product of the making of red wines: after…

Varietal wines: The wine for idle consumers?

Oct 2017
Many years ago, an expert on international markets, ─talking about emerging markets─, said “the consumer is lazy; it is easier for him to recall 15 or…

The United Kingdom: a country of “wine lovers”, for now

Oct 2017
The British market is possibly the most desired goal for all sized wineries across the world due to two reasons:  Wine has replaced beer as…

Oenologists versus sales representatives: to argue or to collaborate?

Oct 2017
There are often seminars, lectures, workshops and symposia, where oenologists catch up with scientific and technical developments and where researchers disseminate their work findings; as…

Concerning Einstein

Sep 2017
“If you want different results, do not always do the same things” This is a quote, which has been told to us in Strategy courses,…