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The Art of Blending Wine

26th & 27th November 2018

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[ Why? ]

The mixture, cut, blend, coupage, mélange… is a widespread practice in almost 100% of marketed wines, including varietal wines or from a singular vineyard.

The vineyard (terroir) provides grapes, not wine, that is, the raw material which is the first differential factor.From this point on, winemaking allows the application of different paths by means of the management of various techniques: pre-fermentative cryomaceration, pressing programs, management of fermentation processes, yeasts, maceration, micro-oxygenation, oenological products and malolactic fermentation management. This allows wines to obtain different profiles, even if it is carried out with a single variety or a single vineyard.

If to this, we add different varieties, oenological products of refinement, types of oak, roasting levels and periods of aging or the use of alternatives, we obtain a series of base wines whose mixture needs theoretical knowledge and expertise to obtain a complex and balanced wine, essential characteristics for any quality wine, and extract the maximum potential of each variety .

[ What for? ]

Some wineries have preserved their coupage generation after generation in order to obtain, in an artisan way, a perfectly recognizable profile for their traditional and enduring consumer over time. Other wineries try to surprise with new brands and more personalized wines that surprise and attract new consumers by means of innovative features and flavors in the market .

Furthermore, international wine trade requires design products depending on the market, regardless of whether they are bottled at origin or at destination. This makes working together with quality and customers’ purchases departments essential, so understanding what they want and knowing how to get it is an added value for any winery or professional looking for success in international markets.

[ Therefore, it is basic ]

  • To know the impact of different oenological products and techniques on winemaking.
  • To know how products and techniques work on different finished wines and choose the most appropriate depending on the profile sought.
  • Preparation of wines for aging in barrel.
  • Preparation of wines to age in bottles.
  • Preparation of base wines for sparkling wines.
  • Branded bottling for large supermarket chains.
  • Bottling for specific markets USA, UK, China, Germany, Nordic Countries …
  • Bottling of original and novel winesTo adjust and correct nuances of wines
  • To perform quality scents and eliminate defective ones.
  • To improve intensity and/or color tone.
  • To adjust pH and total acidity.
  • To balance the alcoholic strength.
  • To adjust the sensation of sweetness, body and fat.
  • To correct wooded wines
When and Where?

The MASTERCLASS “THE ART OF BLENDING WINE” will take place in the 10th WORLD BULK WINE EXHIBITION, which will be held in Amsterdam on the 26th and 27th of November.

Throughout two days, different KEYNOTE LECTURES and WORKSHOPS will be carried out by the best professionals and the best companies of the sector. With an ambitious proposal that includes exceptional masterclasses and uniques workshops to cover a comprehensive program that starts from the knowledge of blending and its technique, to reach its application: red, white, sparkling wines, etc., and the elements: barrels, woods, etc .

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